Nominations for Trophies

To Nominate a Fraser Valley Cache Bash geocache for Trophies, simply fill in this form and let me know which geocache you think should receive a trophy.

There were 45 geocaches submitted for this event, the inaugural FVCB. I’ve added all of them to a public, shared Bookmark List for quick reference. There were two series of caches submitted, The River Walk series near Agassiz, and the DDT series near Chilliwack. If you’re nominating a series, those are your two choices. The categories are simple this year:

  • Best Individual Geocache
  • Best Series


Do the Cache Bash!

The Fraser Valley Cache Bash starts this morning. Hopefully all the geocaches submitted will go live around 9am. Have a great day out there. See you on the trails!

Event Information

Event Dates

  • Announcement Event (GC7JR0J) – March 11, 10-11am, Tim Hortons, Sumas Way, Abbotsford
  • Geocache submission deadline – April 14th
  • Geocache publication day – May 5th
  • Wrap up event – June 2nd, 6-7pm, McDonald or Hougen Park, Abbotsford

Hiding Caches

So you want to hide a cache for Fraser Valley Cache Bash. We have some guidelines for having your geocache included in this event.

  1. Event Boundaries
    • The western boundary on the south side of the Fraser River is 272 Street (Langley/Abbotsford border), and on the north side of the Fraser River, it’s approximately Wilson Street in Mission (Maple Ridge/Mission border).
    • The southern boundary is N49 00.250 – slightly north of the Canada/US border.
    • The eastern boundary is the east side of Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park.
    • The northern boundary is N 49 42.500. Along Highway 1 that’s Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park (N 49 42.500 W 121 25.000).
  2. Map of Boundaries (click for larger version)
    A KML file of the boundaries is also available.
  3. If you would like to hide FVCB caches (no pressure) they can be hidden and submitted until April 14th (21 days before the publication date). Late submissions may not be reviewed in time for publication on May 5th and will be reviewed as time permits. Late submissions will still be considered for trophies.
  4. Please hide containers that are small, regular, large or other. There are more than enough micro containers out there!
  5. The key to winning a trophy is Quality, not Quantity. Please consider taking some extra time to hide something special, interesting, or unique.
  6. Cache Pages:
    1. Cache Title must include the abbreviation FVCB at the END of the title. This lets people search for caches for this event, and keeps it out of the way for those people using handheld GPS receivers. Example: My Epic Cache FVCB.
    2. If your cache is hidden on private property, make sure to say as much in the cache description so people know they’re allowed to seek the cache there.
    3. To help reduce damage to an area, please include a useful hint. Hints such as “a typical hide” is not a useful hint. A lot of people may be searching for this cache in the first few days.
    4. Reviewer Notes are required on all cache hides and should include the following:
      • Describe the container in detail (eg. medium size rectangular L&L, and has Geocache written on the outside and contact information inside it; or a birdhouse hanging from a branch with a wire loop).
      • Describe where and how you’ve hidden it (eg. under a pile of sticks 3m from an established trail, or zap strapped to a branch). Be prepared to submit a photo if the Reviewer asks for it.
      • Is your cache a Mystery Cache? If so, you must describe the method for solving it clearly in your Reviewer Note. This information will be deleted before your cache is published.
      • Is your cache on private property? If so let the Reviewer know and provide them with the land owner’s or manager’s contact information.
      • If your cache is in a Provincial Park let the reviewer know that you have read the BC Parks Policy (pdf) and your cache is in compliance.
      • If your cache is hidden in a Metro Vancouver Park (ie. Matsqui Trail Regional Park), please read and follow their geocaching guidelines. One thing to note in their guidelines is that geocaches must be 500m from each other.
      • Please read the guidelines before creating your cache page on They may have been updated since the last time you read them.
      • IMPORTANT: Add: “This is an FVCB cache. Please publish it on Saturday, May 5th, 2018”.

Note: You may not hear from a reviewer unless there is a problem with your cache.

Finding Caches

All caches submitted for Fraser Valley Cache Bash will hopefully be published on the morning of May 5th between 9am and 10am. Have your car gassed up, snacks and beverages in the cooler, and be ready to go and you might be one of the lucky few who will be First to Find! There is no kickoff event – you’ll be able to use the Geocaching Search feature to find the caches. Or click this link to run the search directly after they have been published.

Nominating Caches

Trophies will be awarded in each of these categories, based on your nominations.

  • Brilliant camo job
  • Excellent puzzle cache
  • Awesome night cache
  • Wonderful trail series
  • Spectacular multi-cache
  • Evil cache (tricky, frustrating or whatever)

Please send us your nominees for trophies. There will be a trophy for each category. We will provide a nomination form on this website once the caches are published. Make sure to note the GC Code and Cache Name when you find a cache worth nominating.

All nominations for trophies must be made by Friday, June 1st at 9pm. Late submissions will not be considered.

Wrap-Up Event

The wrap-up event will be held on the evening of Saturday, June 2nd in East Abbotsford (likely McDonald or Hougen Park). Final location to be determined. We will hand out trophies to the lucky winners in each category.

Want to Help?

We’re looking for volunteers for a variety of tasks including helping organize the wrap-up event and creating trophies. If you’re interested, please use the Contact Form to get in touch if you want to help out.